Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hi from Costa Rica.

Our first stop - Vista Del Valle Plantation Inn... also known as the most beautiful, but weirdest place ever. We got "upgraded" to the amazing Ilan Ilan Suite. I think the place was just completely deserted. We only saw four other guests while we were there.

The shower was outside!

We couldn't get the hot water to work though, so I just pretended to use it.

Hot tub time!

Oh wait, look at the ceiling of our room. I think I love it.

This is the trail to the hot tub!

And fish! Reminds me of Grandpa!

The hair plant.

Deserted pool...

This tree was right outside our patio.

And this mountain.

This is where I got married. Just kidding.

What's this thing?

Oh hold on, let me stand on this rock!



And finally! Some food!

The "Banana Bar" -completely deserted.

Stick bug!

Bye Vista Del Valle!

Still not sure why they paint white socks on some of the trees...

Now we're on the road to Tamarindo.

Crazy roads, oh my...

So this is used to go both ways... you just have to wait and make sure no one is coming head on in your direction.


Yea, I don't know, there was just a T-Rex along the way.

He was nice.

And it had babies!

Everything's kind of interesting when you're a tourist... and on a four hour drive to Tamarindo.

Hi Angelo!

This construction worker was posing for me, I swear.

Coke ads everywhere.

All the bus stops.

Chase wants to bring his skateboard here. Me too.


33? Really? But it's still light out...

We finally arrived after feeling like we were on a scavenger hunt for the house keys!

See Chase! I told you the house would be worth the drive!

So much room for dancing!

Oh I'm sleeping... oh no, just kidding, that's the guest room.

Really good photo shoot, right? I might send these to the realtor to use.

I'm in the shower! But not showering, just clearly portraying how high the bathroom ceilings are.


No really, the shower was huge. You could fit an elephant in there, but we didn't have an elephant with us.

The bed was so comfortable that I missed yoga every single morning.

We were not huge fans of the paintings, but we thought we should have photos of all of them.

This is me re-enacting a really good nap I had.

I got my hair done really fancy for this night.

We spent every night on our patio talking about nothing and drawing pictures and family trees.

We originally had four chairs that went around that tables, but the second day, we got back from the beach and they were gone. We never heard from those chairs again.

These guys were on the wall behind Chase so I spent many hours inadvertently making eye contact with them.

I dislike this picture so much. Had to share.

My nap room.

Chase makes the best grilled ham and cheese on Earth.

Times up! Utensils down!

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