Sunday, March 6, 2011

MORE From Costa Rica!

We met up with my friend Lisa from NY (via Italy) and some of her friends.

Chase fell in love with every street dog we met.

This is the view from our patio in Tamarindo.

Zip lining is crazy. I was about to back out, and this is a terrible picture, but I'm glad to have it to remember how scared I was.

This cow was so mad at me. I was just trying to be friends, but he was really not entertained. Also, this is the closest I've ever been to a cow.

Hi cow!

We stopped at Addy's on the way back from zip lining and Chase got amazing, delicious fish tacos and then made fun of me for eating like a 5 year old. Not my fault!

We met Ian and Addy, from Portland, the owners of the restaurant. Addy told us her life story while playing fetch with this dog. It was weird.

We used money to pay for lunch.

We were Penthouse #12! I took the stairs and tried to beat the elevator on most days.

This is a weird sink in the stairwell.

Because you're in Tamarindo, you "have to surf" - I touched the surfboard while in the water. That counts.

Drinking during the day was hardly an option because of SUN DRUNK! We love the Sun, but the shade is a better place for the brain, skin and eyeballs.

I was sleeping on the beach and a little dog came and woke me up sniffing my ear. Then left his little paw prints all over my blanket. If he wasn't so cute, I'd call him a jerk.

The wet sand on your toes feels like silk or suede or a milk shake.

Oh hi! Something is missing in this photo.... sunglasses! We forgot to pack ours and searched high and low for something with out rhinestones or metalized plastic. No luck.

Do the birds make these holes? Or the crabs?

This is at Beach Bar, our favorite place ever. We spent lots of sunsets there after swimming during the day.

He's thinking about the tuna tartare.

Oh, my favorite time of day.

Happy Hour they have two for one... and they are really literal about it.

Not our kids, but I like them!

I think I left my bathing suit bottom in Tabacon.

Wasn't sure if these were candy or firecrackers. It's ok, don't worry, it turned out alright.

When in Rome. Guaro!


They sang to us.

Who gets bruises like this! White people.

Surprisingly, I couldn't find any fresh fruit.

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